Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saving Your Laundry

If you're like me - you have washed an item that should not go into the dryer, fully intending to remove it from the load and hang it before drying the rest.  Only to forget and have it go into the dryer.  Or, have someone else accidentally dry it while trying to be helpful.  


Well... no more - thanks to the best. idea. EVER.
It's as simple as a  dry erase marker!
I have mine on a pretty little ribbon hanging from my laundry shelves.

 Use the marker to write any items in the wash load that can not go in the dryer right onto the door or top of the washing machine..  This will be a visible reminder to you (or any other helpful little elves) moving the laundry from the wash to the dryer to take those items out and hang them!

Then just wipe the writing off with a rag or eraser.  

Easy peasy!  Your favorite sweater is safe!

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