Saturday, August 31, 2013

Simple DIY Doorknob Redo

My family recently moved to a new home, and while it is a beautiful house, many of the appliances and features are very dated, so we've set out on a mission to update and upgrade our home. Many DIY projects have begun, which I will try to share with you - starting with a REALLY simple but effective one. Door knobs!

Apparently whoever owned our home before loved shiny brass, which, unfortunately, I detest. It reminds me of the 70/80s decor when I was growing up, and even then I remember not being too fond of it's shininess. If you're a brass lover - my apologies - but if not, read on...

At first, we were thinking - "hey, let's replace all these door knobs with new ones in a finish that we like", then when we started pricing door knobs and counting just how many of them are in our home, we decided to look for another alternative. Queue the idea music and the light bulb...

Why not just spray paint the knobs? and that's just what we did - we got ourselves a couple of cans of this handy, dandy stuff and got to work.

I am loving the finished product! We chose an Oil Rubbed Bronze, but this paint comes in many different finishes, and it can be used on metal, plastic and wood. Voila! the tacky brass is gone for a fraction of the cost of replacing all those knobs! I'm planning to repaint a metal lamp with it next, and who knows what else?! I can just feel all the ideas popping up.



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