Monday, July 21, 2014

Napkin Throw Pillows

I've been wanting some new throw pillows for my living room.  But if you've looked at them lately, you know they are NOT inexpensive items.  Eeeep!  That doesn't sit well with my thrifty little soul.  So I have been planning to make some covers for the existing ones or just start all over from scratch. 

Then one day at World Market I saw some pretty cream and gray napkins on clearance.  As I was thinking how they would go so well with my living room decor and how sad it was that I didn't have a dining table in the living room (ha!) - an idea slowly dawned.  

I knew my pillows were about 18" square.  And hmmm... the napkins are about 20" square.  You see this coming don't you?  

I picked up 4 of those pretty napkins. Along with a set of plain gray napkins.  And made a quick stop at the craft store for some gray thread. 

Using a tiny hand stitch I started sewing one of each napkin together around the edges.  Yes... in hind sight, I probably could have popped them on the sewing machine and gotten this part done much quicker.  

And here you have it!  Brand new, beautiful throw pillows. 

When the cost of my supplies is totaled up - each one cost me less than $5.  And for me, that just makes them even better!


  1. Gorgeous!! I've used placemats, but never thought about napkins. Great idea!


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