Tuesday, July 8, 2014

S'mores go Indoors

I love s'mores.  Love.  It's the smokey campfires I can do without.  But there's a solution to that problem - make your s'mores... indoors!

Lay out graham crackers on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Top with a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow.

Yum... I could start eating right now... but the best is yet to come!

Place baking sheet in oven set to Broil. I don't time this - just watch until the marshmallows puff up a little and then...

get all nice and toasty on top!  Remove from oven.  Now, you could eat them just like this.

But I like to top them off with another graham cracker , making a nice little s'more sandwich.

So delicious!  And soooo easy!  I think we'll be making these a lot this summer!
What's your favorite summer-time treat?


  1. Great pics! I have made these before and they are delicious. Such an awesome summer treat. I am stopping by from Unite Linkup. Have a super afternoon! :)

  2. I like an open faced smore. Balances out the ratio of marshmallow, graham and chocolate! Yum! I've also done this indoor method in the toaster oven. :)

  3. We do s'mores with Ritz Crackers since I find them tooooo sweet otherwise. :) We'll have to see if those work in the oven as well as grahams do!


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