Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Colorful Monogram Door Hanging

As soon as I saw this craft on Pinterest; I immediately started envisioning different versions and knew I was going to have to make one for my front door!

I decided to go with a brightly colored summer theme. 

I used some yarn and buttons I already had in stock.  Picked up a piece of foam board at the $1 store, and 3 pieces of felt for less than 50 cents each at Michael's.  I also had the ribbon and glue sticks already in my stash.  Which makes my grand total to create this little cutie - less than $3! If you were purchasing the yarn, ribbon, and buttons also - you're probably still looking at less than $10.

Draw or trace the shape of the letter you want onto the foam board
Use an X-acto knife to cut out letter
Wrap letter with yarn (or twine).  I used a little craft glue to help hold it in place as I went along. WARNING: This is much more tedious and time consuming than you might thing..

I made felt flowers using a method I found HERE.  But you could use any flower - fabric, ribbon, crocheted, store bought, etc.  Be creative!
Lay out flowers on the letter to decide placement

Put a big blop (official crafting term) of hot glue on the back of each flower and press into place on your letter

Hold flower firmly until glue dries.
Glue ribbon onto back of letter to make a hanger.
Ta-DA!  I love my brightly colored "P" on the front door!

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