Saturday, May 18, 2013

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

I confess. I am an obsessive organizer! I like for everything to have a place, so I know where to find it, and also to help keep the house tidy and clutter free. Clutter and disorganization make it hard for me to relax. While I am in the process of engaging in my Spring Cleaning/Decluttering/Reorganizing binge, I figured I could share some of my organization methods with you - starting with the bathroom. It's so easy to acquire way too much clutter in a bathroom - between the hair products, shampoos, lotions, medicines and other toiletries floating around - there's a lot of room for organization!

An eyesore in many family bathrooms is the medicine cabinet. Here's a picture of how mine is currently organized:

I use an entire cabinet for my stuff, simply because it is available, but you can just as easily use any space that is open - a shelf in the hall closet or kitchen works just as well. The key is to group items, so that you don't just end up with everything all jumbled together. Use a box or basket for each category - I prefer simple, plastic baskets, but if you have limited space, lids with boxes that can be stacked might be a better option, or you might prefer more decorative/fancy baskets. Whichever container you choose, label those accordingly. **On a side note - for me a label maker is a MUST when getting organized. Makes it so much easier to locate things, especially for other family members that did not do the organizing aka your spouse and kids. However, be forewarned that inevitably they will still ask you where items are even if you label them, and often they will put things away in the incorrect place even though the labels are right there to guide them. Do I sound annoyed? LOL I honestly think sometimes my family puts items in the wrong place just to mess with me, but that's a whole other story. ;)

Back to organizing!!

I keep the following categories, but you could adjust them however you like to suit your needs:

  1. Daily Medications: allergy meds, ibuprofen, vitamins - things that are taken regularly. I keep them all in one basket, and just pull out that basket each day to grab what we need.
  2. Specialty Medications: cold medicine, nasal rinse kit, muscle pain creams - basically things that you only use on certain occasions
  3. First Aid: band-aids, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch cream, ace bandages - anything you might need for any injury
  4. Pet Medication: flea meds, heartworm preventative meds, and any others - I actually keep this in a closed container, because sometimes they have a smell to them
  5. My peroxide and witch hazel are kept separate, but some might store it with the first aid items.
  6. Last, I have my ear thermometer up next to the first aid items, but it tends to float from shelf to shelf depending on how much it is being used. I do keep the extra covers for it in the specialty medications basket.
  7. I have an additional shelf for extra toilet paper and kleenex, because this particular cabinet happens to be over the toilet.
Just an additional tip as you go through and organize your medications and supplies - realistically weed out whatever you don't need. Get rid of expired items. I admit, I just found some anti-itch cream that expired in 2010. Remember that time you bought 5 different cold medicines before you found one that worked? Okay - no need to keep the other 4. I know, I know - it hurts to get rid of stuff that you paid good money for, but either gift it out to a friend or family member that will use it, donate it, or get rid of it. Chances are, it's not going to work on your next cold either, so why keep it? You're not using it, and it is just taking up space and adding clutter to your cabinet. Enough said.


  1. I LOVE being organized too! This is a great idea and betcha it increases safety! :) To have labels on things is a good idea too.. one time my mom ran out of containers to put stuff, so she put peppermint oil in a small jar that used to contain medicine that I would drink for colds... I've always tried to take care of myself so I didn't ask for help and instead poured myself a nice spoonful of was actually peppermint oil and did NOT help matters! From now on I insist or cabinet be more organized. :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Ah... my uber organized sis! Another quick reminder: be sure to dispose of medications properly! Don't just toss or flush them where they end up in the soil or water.

  3. great ideas .....Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


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