Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Make An Infinity Scarf By Recycling An Old T-Shirt

I love scarves.  But most of the ones I own are too heavy to wear during summer.  After purchasing a light t-shirt knit scarf last week, my mind started turning.  A little searching online and I was ready to make my own from an old t-shirt.  Crazy easy and much cheaper than buying a new scarf!

I love the pale pink shade of this tank, but had a stain on the front I couldn't get out. I'm guessing you probably an old t-shirt or tank which you love but is stretched out or has a stain too.  Grab it and get ready to scarf it!

 Lay out shirt flat.  Cut across just below arm holes (or in this case, I cut just below the stain) 
Don't worry if your cut isn't perfectly straight.  Close is good enough - it won't show when the scarf is finished.


Cut along bottom, just above hemline.

 Grab one side and have someone else take the other - now PUUUUUULL!  You want to really stretch it out.  If you are doing this by yourself, hook the loop over a door knob and pull. 

Your new infinity scarf is now complete!  Wear and enjoy!

These were so simple, I went crazy and after cleaning out my t-shirt drawer I made about five of them in a matter of minutes!

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